Participating Rater Pathway

The PG&E Whole House Rebate Program introduced a formal pathway for 'Rater' participation on September 1st, 2012 that integrates raters with active HERS (II) Whole House and BPI Building Analyst certifications as independent assessors for test-in and test-out measurements and job submissions. This  rater participation pathway remains open and unchanged under the updated Home Upgrade incentive pathways.

The goal of this enrollment pathway is to allow independent raters to offer the Program to customers, opening additional avenues to grow Program participation. These individuals will be responsible for completing combustion appliance safety (CAS) testing, whole house assessments, energy modeling and job submissions to Program standards.

Participating Rater Overview

In addition to the existing contractor model, a participating rater who is a BPI-certified Building Analyst and HERS (II) Whole House Rater may perform job test-in and test-out assessments with the same requirements as a participating contractor. The rater would be responsible for performing the assessments and would manage the online document submission in Green Energy Compass. The customer would then be able to work with any participating contractor the customer chose to perform the upgrade(s).

Enrollment Steps

The enrollment steps are described below:

1.      Attend a Participation Workshop.  Before enrolling in the Program, you must attend a Participation Workshop to gain an overview of Program requirements and rules, the application process, rebate and incentive levels, the Quality Assurance and Quality Control/Field Verification program, and job data reporting for rebate authorization.  To register, please see our events calendar at

2.      Meet the Program Eligibility Requirements (see Table 1 below).

3.      Start the Enrollment Application online. Raters can access the enrollment site through the Program portal at (see "All Raters: Manage account or enroll" button at the right-hand column). The enrollment portal will walk you through the application process. You will be able to save and exit the system then re-enter with login and password to complete enrollment as needed.

4.      Get the required technical trainings. To register for a Home Upgrade Core Training and/or Home Upgrade Advanced Technical Training, please visit our Events page at

5.      Sign Work Association Agreement Form. BPI certified HERS II rater and a participating contractor sign a PG&E EUC Rater/Contractor Collaboration Notification form before the rater is granted access for job submission (rater has a distinct user log-in).

6.      Begin job submissions. Raters add jobs in Compass and manage document submission.

Table 1: Program Requirements


In order to participate in the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade pathways, Raters must meet these minimum credential requirements:

  • Have active HERS Whole House (HERS II) and BPI Building Analyst certifications
  • Attend a Participation Workshop
  • Execute the Rater Participation Agreement, including all supporting documentation
  • Provide evidence of current insurance, auto liability, and workers' compensation
  • Attend an Home Upgrade Advanced Technical Training. Home Upgrade Core Training is not required, but it is strongly recommended

Potential Benefits of Participation

The fact is that there is no one business model that will work for you and every customer. Participation can:

  • Expand your professional service offerings
  • Allow you to develop your own projects directly with clients
  • Facilitate management of the job submissions process end-to-end
  • Help develop better, more systems-based scopes of work (increasing customer satisfaction)

For questions about the rater pathway, please email  or call (510) 285-6222.

Build It Green implements Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade in the Pacific Gas & Electric Company service territory.