Duct Leakage to Outside Hands-on Training

This is a free training, hosted by Build It Green and PG&E at the Energy Training Center in Stockton. The training teaches and/or reinforces contractors' and raters' ability to diagnose duct leakage more accurately for input to Energy Pro and for scope of work development on projects applying for rebates within the Energy Upgrade California™ Program.

Duct Leakage to Outside will be required as part of the Energy Upgrade California™ Program for testing CFM 25 and calculating the duct leakage percentage value for Energy Pro modeling starting April 1, 2013. The training will provide demonstration and hands-on practice for this test method. The presentation slides and supporting materials leverage lessons learned from diagnostic testing performed by PG&E staff and others in support of Energy Upgrade California™ and similar home performance programs nationwide.
Training dates will soon be scheduled for this class in January and February 2013. Please check the Events calendar for updated training dates. 
Why should you go?
This training is an opportunity to augment and/or reinforce existing diagnostic testing and home performance assessment skills and best practices for those Program participants that would like supplemental instruction and hand-on practice of this testing method. All program participants will be required to use this testing method by April 1, 2013 for the purpose of calculating duct leakage percentage for input to Energy Pro.