Job Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your continued participation in the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Whole House Rebate Program, a part of Energy Upgrade California. The following guidelines address several commonly found mistakes in the job submittal process. Please make note of this advice to help ensure that your job submissions are processed successfully.

General Submission Guidelines


- Please date all your files to help us make sure we use the correct ones when you submit revisions or updates.

- You do not need to submit a Utility Bill Release form with your application documents.

- Make sure you include all the required files:

●      Interim Job Reporting Template (IJRT). Required for Basic jobs only.

●      EnergyPro BLD and XML files.

●      Scope of work/proposal. Client-signed contract required at test out.

●      CAS Measurements. Renamed EUC Test Measurements Form in Document Library.

●      CAS Action Guidelines are not required at this time, but will be in the future.

●      Permit required at test out (if applicable for work scope)

●      Client-signed CASTA Form (CAS Test Acknowledgement) required at test out



- There are separate passwords for "Manage Account or Enroll" and "Submit and Track Jobs" on the Contractor Portal

- Make sure you set the Pre-Installation "Ready for Review" drop-down to "Yes" to get us to look at  the job. That's your signal to us that you want to start the QA process.

- Check your job list on the interim portal regularly for status updates. There are no automatic notifications.

- When a job is approved, it gets a Notice to Proceed. The "Application Stage" status on your Portal job list will change from "Pre-Application" to "Full Application." It's a subtle indicator that's easy to miss.

Interim Job Reporting Template (IJRT) – Required for Basic jobs only at this time


- Enter the PG&E electric and gas service IDs in the IJRT.

●      Service IDs are two unique 10-digit numbers, which can be found on the homeowner's utility bill. They are different from the meter number.

●      If the customer only received gas or electricity from PG&E, only one service ID is required.

- Please fill in the hot water system type in the IJRT (tankless, storage, heat pump, boiler, etc.).

- You need to supply the name of the BPI Building Analyst that did the CAS testing, not a company

- Utility usage data, if available, should be entered in Compass when you ‘Add (a) Meter’ and (for Basic jobs) can also be added into the IJRT Electricity Usage and Gas Usage worksheets.

●      Utility usage data cannot contain any overlaps or gaps in dates.

●      Utility usage data is highly recommended, but not required at this time. 



- Use the RES Performance calculations with "Run Measures Combined Together" selected.

- Nominal Duct leakage percent calculations should be based on nominal fan flow of 400 CFM per ton or .0217 CFM per BTU of furnace output. Any leakage percentage that does not match one of those calculations closely will be returned, unless calculating duct leakage percentage by Actual measurements

Combustion Appliance Safety (CAS) Measurements on Test Measurements Form


- Provide blower door, duct leakage, Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing, and CAS testing data numbers in each submission (test-in and test-out).

- Take photos of the manometer and be prepared to provide photos of evidence of duct-system leakage in cases of extreme testing results (greater than 30% duct leakage or blower door testing >2 CFM per square foot). 

Proposal/ Scope of Work


- CAS failure corrective actions should be included in the scope of work.

- Your contract-proposal/scope of work should match the "Alternatives" selected in your EnergyPro model. If there are serious discrepancies, the job will be sent back to you for revision.  

ECON-2 XML File  


- Make sure you create and submit the correct XML file format. Read the companion document in the Document Library "Creating ECON-2 XML Export File" if you are unsure how to do this. (this is now called a “Title 24 XML Schema File” in EnergyPro)



If you have any questions or concerns about the job submittal process please contact Build It Green at: (510) 590-3360 ext. 606,


Build It Green implements Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade in the Pacific Gas & Electric Company service territory.